2016/2017 Installation of Fire Department Officers

Mayor Bruno Romano swore in the Fire Council-Senior Wardens Michael LaBarbera, Kenneth Gilloon,
Andrew Pignataro and Joe Chojnacki - Junior Wardens Michael Oneta, Dave Bilardello, Dominic Pignataro
and Tom Chojnacki - Alternate Wardens Daniel Pinquist, Andrew Hedges, Joshua Kurot and Chris Mansfield

Ex-Chief Bob Klose swore in the new officers from Liberty Hose Co. #2, Captain Don Capitali,  1st Lieut. Christopher Verpertino, and 2nd Lieut. Allen Ball

Chief Gene Torborg swore in the new Rescue Squad officers, Captain Patricia Seifert, 1st Lieut. Rob Bristol
and 2nd Lieut. Daniell Metzger

Chief Gene Torborg was sworn in by is father, Ex-Chief Gene Torborg Sr. from Vigilant Engine Co. #1

Chief Gene Torborg was joined by his family.

Ex-Chief Jim Henshaw swore in the 2nd Deputy Chief Frank Passanissi III from Hose Company #1

Village Clerk-Treasurer Patty Renner swore in 1st Deputy Chief Tom Merkel from Protector Hook, Ladder & Hose Co. #1

Ex-Chief Frank Cerasoli swore in newly elected 3rd Deputy Chief, Jack Felbinger from Liberty Hose Co. #2

Captain Patricia Seifert swore the members of the Junior Fire Department Captain Bryan Scheer, 1st Lieut. Christian Barto
and  2nd Lieut. Joseph Mihalich

Members of Hose Co. #1 sworn in Captain Ryan P. Gallagher (not shown), 1st Lieut. Robert Tannenbaum
and 2nd Lieut. Michael Popple

Ex-Chief Dave Dencker swore in Captain Juan Rodriguez, 1st Lieut. Michael Watson and 
2nd Lieut. Dominic Orlando